Honing oil KH-HG1000

One of the industrial operations that is performed on the metal is the honing operation. In fact, this operation is the last stage of chip removal after drilling and boring. Chips are removed from metal pieces using honing operations; it serves as an agent for modifying dimensional accuracy and achieving a suitable surface smoothness.

With its lubricating and cooling properties, this oil is used to prevent oxidation and corrosion on the metal parts in the honing operations and the final finishing of metal parts.

Product properties


  • Easy removal of chips from metalworking place
  • High thermal resistance
  • No steam and dust
  • Low viscosity
  • Ability to increase the life of the parts and the tools




Flash point

Density (15 oC)

Viscosity ( 40 oC)



Product code

200 oC

872 gr/lit

23.1 cst

Light brown

Oily liquid




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