Protective oil KH-PR

In the metal industries, protective oil is often used after metalworking operations, especially during storage. Protective oils are selected according to environmental conditions during storage, secondary use of the metal, and other conditions. Notable physical and chemical qualities in protective oils are the multi-component nature of the inhibitor, the variability of the consumed oils density according to the type of application, the use of oils with different flash points, and the use of organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors.

Accordingly, Khonak Kar Sepahan Company has the potential for consulting and producing oils in accordance with international standards. Taking into account the basic needs of industries in this regard, the company has produced and marketed two types of products:

  • Liquid protective oil


It is an oily product and is supplied in two grades in light and dark colors. Liquid protective oil is used as a coating to protect metal parts, such as cast iron, steel, aluminum, steel, and galvanized steel against rust and corrosion.

  • Semi-solid protective oil


This product also has a similar application to liquid oils; it is, however, semi-solid at ambient temperature and is supplied in the form of slabs, which must be heated and melted before being used to create coatings.

Product properties


  • Protecting the surface of metals against corrosion, rust, and oxidation
  • Preventing blurring of surfaces
  • ease of use
  • High thermal resistance
  • Ability to penetrate the pores of the rusty texture of metals
  • Easy to wash





Density (25 oC) gr/lit



Product code


Light brown




Dark brown








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