Antibacterial and Regenerative

One of the problems of soluble oils used in the metalworking industry is their short lifespan, perishability, and getting sludge due to the presence of microscopic organisms such as bacteria and fungi. The vast majority of these organisms are not pathogenic and do not cause problems with metalworking fluids. However, some of them have a good life in hot, humid or dark environments of oil in the sludge holes, which can lead to problems, such as stench and clogging of the cooling flow lines, corrosion and impairment of emulsion stability. Another concern is the presence of chips and sawdust in the sludge tank. The presence of these small metal particles can provide a very large surface area for bacteria to grow and at the same time create stagnant areas that prevent the coolant from circulating.

In order to deal with this phenomenon and prevent the growth of bacteria and increase the durability, longevity, and efficiency of soluble oils as well as the regeneration of degraded emulsions, Khonak Kar Sepahan Production Unit has produced and marketed three types of antibacterial and regenerative products using the knowledge of experts and years of experience in producing various soluble oils.

Antibacterial solution KH-B1000


Antibacterial solution is added to the soluble oils to prevent the growth and propagation of microorganisms and to prevent spoilage and sludge production, which leads to the greater longevity of the emulsion of oil in water.


Regenerative solution     KH-B2000


In addition to having antibacterial properties and preventing the growth and propagation of microorganisms in soluble oils, this solution can regenerate spoiled emulsions up to 70% of the original quality and improve the efficiency of the oil.

Antibacterial tablet      KH-B3000


This product is supplied in the form of tablet and has a similar function to the antibacterial solution.

Product properties


  • Preventing the spoilage and sludge production in soluble oils
  • Improving the performance and increasing the emulsion life
  • Preventing the unpleasant odors in metalworking fluids Greatly enhancing activities and effectiveness



Active agent gr/lit

Chemical nature



Product name

Product code

100 gr/lit




Antibacterial solution


85 gr/lit




Regenerative solution


250 mg




Antibacterial tablet




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