Reaming oil KH-TA1000

This product is a semi-herbal oil that is used as a lubricant and a coolant in reaming, grooving and threading operations, and it serves to reduce friction and transfer heat. Due to its high thermal resistance as well as high adhesion, this oil is placed as a coating system on different metal parts, such as metal pipes and rebars, and allows to reamer and thread different metal parts.

Product properties


  • Applicability for all types of metals, especially hardened steels, titanium, stainless steel and Inconel
  • Ability to be added to mineral cutting oil
  • Ability to deal with shear stresses in the system and to increase tool life
  • High thermal stability




Water solubility

Density (15 oC)




Product code

Hydrocarbon compounds


890 gr/lit

Light brown

Oily liquid

herbal oil, synthetic oil, anti-corrosion



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