Soluble oils

Today, with the burgeoning population and the human need for the necessities of life as well as for the industrial equipment and due to the use of various metals in constructing the given equipment, various metalworking and machining operations have been developed. In this regard, operations, such as turning and cutting of metals, play an important role in the production process of equipment and metal parts. Due to the contact created between metal parts and work tools and the friction made between them in these operations, a lot of heat is generated, which can damage the tools and also reduce the quality of the metal parts. Effective lubrication and cooling during machining operations is a way to deal with this phenomenon.


For this purpose, soluble oils with the ability to create emulsion in water are used. Khonak Kar Sepahan Production Unit has produced various soluble oils. These products are marketed in two categories:


  • Suds (Z1)
  • White oil (Pre-emulsion)



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